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Service Design/UX project 


In this Covid-19 pandemic situation, more than 57 million college students live in shared apartments or college dormitories. 

How might we help residents to have more convenient living life and contactless, safe offerings?


COSAFE is a safe service tailored for residents by providing them with a more convenient moving process and contactless, high-efficient living experiences. 


Jan-March, 2020


Liuyun Hu

Yu Chen

Qizhe Zhou

Kelin Chai

Yue Guo


Service Design Lead

Data Synthesis 

Personas & Storyboard 

User Journey



In this Covid-19 pandemic situation, more than 57 million college students are living in shared apartments or college dormitories. 
In a shared apartment, people not only worry about safety problems but also need high-efficiency service provided by apartments.
As some universities resume the fall semester, more and more college student apartments have experienced serious virus transmission incidents.

At the Bakery


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Check out our vision movie! The insights from our research indicate that we need to establish a platform between residents and apartment service providers, so we created an app that would help them do exactly that.

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COSAFE, our apartment service, is sustained by the active participation of a diverse group of stakeholders. At the heart of our operation are our residents, who are our core stakeholders. Their experience, feedback, and satisfaction are crucial to our service's success and continuous improvement. Direct stakeholders such as office staff, maintenance workers, and administration managers. The indirect stakeholders include property owners, government and regulatory authorities.

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COSAFE delivers its services through a multitude of physical and digital channels.

Facility Scan area: A scan-area touchpoint that facilitates a variety of user needs including: scanning the residents' identification QR code, account or profile information, etc.

COSAFE App:  The COSAFE Mobile Application allows users to book the gym time slot, access the facilities, change account/profile setting, among other user's needs.

Website: COSAFE’s website allows for users to finish the quick move-in process, access living permission codes, change account/profile settings and schedule appointments at the community center. It also allows them to file a maintenance report and receive assistance with service issues.

Apartment Call Center/ Web Chat: The Apartment Call center can help with service and recovery and assist with maintenance and move-in/move-out process.

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COSAFE provides the core service for helping residents to make an appointment with any facilities they want to use and getting a contactless maintenance service request.

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Reflecting on this project, the collaboration with my three designer colleagues was instrumental in successfully conceiving and realizing our community security app. Our collective efforts in research led to a multitude of insights, opening up a vast array of design opportunities. The challenge was to design a cohesive system that would serve both users and administrators, and I am proud to say that we have achieved this balance.

Recognizing the expansion of our target audience, we dove even deeper into our research to ensure the robustness and versatility of our design. To further enhance user engagement, we integrated an incentive mechanism into the app, encouraging active participation. We envision partnering with local stores as reward providers, thus creating a synergy that not only bolsters community security but also rejuvenates the local economy. The experience of co-creation in this project has been highly enriching and rewarding.

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